Sass Advisors


From our first contact onward, Sass Advisors commits to listening to your concerns and providing the guidance to achieve your objectives.

Areas of Practice


Strategic Planning

We will work with you to review your current strategic plan or develop a completely new plan to position your organization for the future

Executive Coaching

We begin with an assessment of the current state including a review of critical documents regarding business plans and key metrics. This process includes interviews with key stakeholders to understand individual strengths as well as behaviors that may be holding back the individual as well as the team. The result will be a the creation of a defined plan and an ongoing feedback mechanism process to enable continuous success.

Leadership alignment

Strategic planning is almost certainly doomed to fail without alignment among the senior leadership team including a consensus around culture, vision, accountability, ongoing communications and execution.

Healthcare Reform

Gridlock continues in Washington regarding a consensus new healthcare law. Therefore, the administration is expanding access to a variety of programs including Association Health Plans, Supplemental Medical and Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs). Is your organization positioned to leverage these opportunities?

Board Advisor

We serve as an independent voice for the leadership of your organization to validate existing plans and strategic direction.

The DIGITAL Consumer

Sass Advisors works closely with technology and InsurTech firms as consumer preferences continue to rapidly evolve.


Is there consensus as to how your firm creates and sustains value? Are there critical gaps in organizational capabilities and defined metrics for success? We work together to create a personalized plan to identify goals, improve communication and create a cohesive environment for the team.