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Sass Advisors has had the privilege of working with many prestigious national organizations including insurance companies, professional associations, technology/InsurTech firms and providers of consumer benefits.

“I’ve known and worked with Dave Armstrong for over 20 years. Initially it was in his various capacities at AIG, primarily as President and CEO of Benefit Solutions, and most recently as an independent strategic advisor to the American Bar Endowment (ABE) for four years. ABE is a 501 (c) (3) public charity and primarily due to the insurance programs, have granted over $284 million to a variety of charitable causes. His work for us dealt with insurance, long range planning, organizational issues, and succession planning.

He is smart, quick, good on his feet, extremely well informed, a pleasure to work with and most of all is honest, direct, and good at relaying information that is not always what the board or client may want to hear. These skills make him well suited to dealing with institutional conflict, legal issues, and technicalities of complex problems. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent independent advisor.”
— Renee Leskiw, Executive Director of the American Bar Endowment (1994-2016)

“I have had the pleasure working closely with Dave in both his role as President of Benefit Solutions at AIG and currently as a fellow board member on the non-profit Families of World War II Veterans. Dave is a thoughtful, creative professional whose enthusiasm for his work motivates those around him. Dave achieves success with innovation and hard work. He is an individual with great integrity; a performer in every aspect of his life. I would strongly recommend Sass Advisors to anyone that wishes to grow and prepare for the future.””
— Barbara Fasola Chief Executive Officer, Careington International

“I had the opportunity to work with Dave in his role as President and CEO of AIG Benefits Solutions as a “thought partner” as he developed a series of sales, distribution, operations and technology strategies for his company. Facing a difficult market after 2008 and a number of challenges at the corporate parent level, Dave demonstrated positive, upbeat leadership with his clients, colleagues, and employees. Dave has a deep knowledge and passion for the affinity business, and a creative spirit for developing new solutions for his clients. He’s a gentleman and it was my pleasure to work with him”
— — G. Patrick McGunagle President, GPM Partners LLC

Ken Fasola, Chief Executive Officer
HealthMarkets, Inc.

Renee’ Leskiw, Former Executive Director
American Bar Endowment

Barbara Fasola, Chief Executive Officer
Careington International
— References (contact info upon request)

“Dave is an inspirational leader. He has a vision of the big picture to help an organization meet its goals and helps others realize their potential, which leads to success. In the division where I reported to Dave, he was always present to offer support in a caring manner. He is decisive, professional and a reassuring leader. Dave was constant and consistent in all his communications, relaying the good and bad news in an honest and timely manner. Employees definitely counted on his ethical leadership. I think Dave is one of those leaders who will be remembered by colleagues for many years to come.”
— Pat (Patricia) Bosi, Sr. Vice President Operations, American Utility Management, Inc. (Former SVP, American General)
“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”
— Author Unknown